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What is the Best Type of Siding for My House?

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With the array of siding options available today, it can be overwhelming to select a siding that both meet the needs of your home and complements its style. Quality hardie board, or cement siding, offers a variety of solutions to meet your needs, including an array of styles and colors, along with durability and ease of use not seen with competing siding products.

Why hardie board siding?


Hardie board siding was developed in Australia over 100 years ago in an attempt to create a siding durable enough to withstand the extremes of Australian weather. Its unique blend of concrete fibers can withstand wind, dampness, rain, flying debris, rotting, and chipping, as well as resists temperature changes.


One of the best features of hardie board is its exceptional resistance to fire. Because it is impact-resistant it is also a great choice for homes in hurricane or tornado prone areas.


Bugs, such as termites, could care less about this type of siding, making it a great option for tropical climates.

Ease of installation

Hardie board is a bit more than vinyl siding, but less than wood, which it resembles. Though it is heavier than vinyl, its durability offer a once a done installation. It can be ordered primed and painted as well to cut down on labor time.


Because this quality siding is resistant to insects and moisture damage, it rarely needs repair. Simply wash it with a garden hose and some ordinary detergent once or twice a year, and it will remain looking new.


Quality hardie board siding typically comes with a 30 to 50 year warranty, up to twice the life expectancy of cheaper alternatives, such as vinyl.

Environmentally friendly

Hardie board is made from low toxicity, renewable materials such as wood pulp, sand, cement, and water, making them a greener siding alternative.


Quality hardie board siding can resemble wood, wood-grained vinyl, or stucco, and may be smooth or embossed, offering an array of design options. Choose a look that is suitable for both the look of your home and your neighborhood. This will offer you not only function, but will add style and value to your home as well.

Need help finding the perfect siding look for your home? Contacting a licensed, professional contractor can help who will be familiar with your area and can offer advice and additional information to help you choose a picture-perfect siding solution.