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Biggest Problems with Trying to Paint Vinyl Siding

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If you’ve recently realized your home’s siding is on the drab side, you may be considering repainting it to freshen up the look of your house. While this may seem like the perfect solution, beware, there are many drawbacks to painting vinyl siding.

Painting vinyl siding will cost you more in the long run.


Paint and vinyl are incompatible due to the flexibility of vinyl. When exposed to direct sunlight or high temperatures, vinyl siding can expand and contract as much as an inch. There simply aren’t any paints on the market able to withstand the expansion and contraction of vinyl intact.

Vinyl absorbs heat

Unlike wood, which is well-suited for paint, vinyl absorbs more heat, leading to issues with warping and melting. Put that heat and tendency toward warping and melting together with a dark coat of paint and the results are far more unattractive than your existing faded siding.

Vinyl contracts when it’s cold

When this happens areas of your siding that have not been painted, such as between the planks where the vinyl overlaps, draw back and expose that unsightly faded vinyl.

Paint weakens vinyl

Although your old vinyl siding may be looking flat and chalky, vinyl siding was not manufactured to be painted. The result is a deterioration of the structure of the vinyl as UV light reacts chemically with the paint.

Painting is costly and time consuming

Why waste all that time and money painting your home’s vinyl siding when the paint will crack and peel after a very short time? This temporary fix simply costs more in the end, when time and money is wasted that could have been re-invested in a superior siding.

The advantages of selecting the right siding

Rather than painting your old vinyl siding and throwing all that money, paint, and time down the drain, look for a siding with a great warranty and color that lasts, such as James Hardie’s Siding with ColorPlus Technology. James Hardie’s Siding with ColorPlus Technology:

  • Uses an advanced fiber-cement formulation to produce fiber-cement siding that is durable, low-maintenance, and resistant to fading.
  • Produces siding that with a consistent finish that adheres up to 400 percent better than any other paint available due to its factory-applied, baked-on finish.
  • Uses paints that stand up to UV levels, offering up to 30 percent more fade resistance.
  • Offers color integrity by producing products with accurate coloring that are easy to match.
  • Has the highest quality standards in the industry and a 15 year warranty covering both paint and labor.

Don’t throw your time and money down the drain. Opt for superior siding that lasts, reducing home maintenance and building your home’s value with looks that last.