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Letters of Recommendation

Dear Joe & Shawn,

Judith and I want to tell you how pleased we are with the new windows and siding installed by My Guys. We did our homework before contracting with you, obtaining 4 estimates and validating what everyone was telling us with two of our friends who are GC’s in Florida. Once we normalized the quotes (to compare apples with apples), the pricing difference between the four quotes was nominal, which meant we had to select based on some other criteria – workmanship, customer service, product offering, and integrity. My Guys was the only company that was honest enough to quote a total higher price because you believe that removing the siding, rather than putting the new siding over the old siding, was the right way to do the job. You even put us in contact with the siding manufacturer so we could hear their position on the topic. 

We knew we made the right choice from the very first day. It started when you handled the approval process with our HOA. Judy made sure all the paperwork was in order and got the approval signatures from our neighbors. When you assigned Larry as the project manager, we were pleasantly surprised. Finding out that Larry holds a PMP certification impressed me even more, as I am a PMP and understands what that means. Your crew was nothing short of amazing. They were courteous, respectful, cheerful, and hard working – even on the coldest of days.  They paid attention to all of the little details. Every day the job site was cleaned up and put away. Regular weekly visits from Larry, Joe, or Shawn provided an added level of comfort that management oversight was being performed.

My Guys delivered everything that was promised and exceeded our expectations by also delivering excellent customer service. We will definitely tell our friends about you and use you again for our home improvement needs.


Louis & Judith S.