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Top 6 Indicators That it’s Time to Replace Your Windows

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A home’s windows are its eyes out into the world. They allow light in, keep out the elements and provide magnificent views of our neighborhoods and the areas around us. But, windows were not made to last forever and you will find that the time comes when you need to consider buying new windows.

Knowing just when to buy replacement windows can feel like a guessing game, though, and we often don’t even think about replacing our windows until the glass breaks. So here are the top six indicators that reveal when it’s time to replace your windows.

Summer Heat
When the weather turns hot, does your house become an oven? Do you crank up the air conditioning to make up for the rising heat in your home? If so, your windows might be the culprit of that rising thermostat.

Standard double pane windows allow 75 percent of the sun’s heat into your home. Older windows are even less efficient. So, sunlight streams in, converts to heat and then remains trapped in your house. If you’ve noticed the temperature rising inside, it’s probably time to consider new windows.

Winter’s Chill
Similarly, your windows can also let the cold in, causing temperatures in your house to drop during the winter months. This happens when the cold interior surface of a window pulls heat out of the room. Newer, more efficient windows will stay warmer on the interior surface and keep your house warmer, too.

A Stiff Breeze
If you can feel the wind blowing in your home, your windows likely aren’t doing their job. Air is leaking into the house from in, out and around the window.

As with windows that let in heat or cold, drafty windows make it harder to maintain a consistent temperature in your home, raising your heating and cooling bills. Replacement windows will keep the elements out of your home and help to reduce energy costs.

Dry Rot
Years of exposure to sun, wind, rain and snow take a toll on the integrity of wood window frames. Window frames with dry rot, visible mold or other signs of deterioration can cause hazards if they fail and cause the window to break. When this occurs, you may need to consider replacement windows and window frames.

Inoperable Windows
Over time, some windows become difficult to operate and some might not operate properly at all, especially in older windows that operate with sash cords. Cords deteriorate and eventually break preventing you from being able to open and close your window safely or even at all. Previous home owners may have also painted or nailed windows shut. This is a very common cause of tragedy, in cases involving house fires.  Often, the cost and effort of repairing a broken window far outpaces the cost of replacing the window.

On the Market
You might not mind your leaky, drafty, fogged or broken windows, but when it comes time to sell your house, those windows could make a difference for a buyer. If you have put off buying new windows, selling your house might finally motivate you to make the call.

Windows should serve a purpose beyond simply allowing you to admire the view. New windows can also help your home use less energy, keep you safe and improve the overall value of your home. Do you need new windows this year?