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Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Installing Replacement Windows

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For many homeowners, getting involved in the design and renovation of their home offers excitement and rewards. Some projects just get a little tricky, and installing replacement windows is one of those difficult tasks. Windows are part of your home’s first line of defense and a major part of your home’s interior and exterior aesthetics. Let’s go over some common problems that befall many people who try to install their own home’s windows.

Inaccurate measurements

From simply careless mistakes to misunderstanding how to get the most precise measurements, homeowners often end up in a can’t-win situation with their replacement windows because they don’t have accurate measurements in the first place. One common issue we’ve seen is that people take measurements with their old unit still intact, and fail to take into account potentially different figures after cleaning, sanding, and preparing the area for the new windows. If you have to clear away rotted areas, for instance, you might end up with a larger hole to fill.  If you are planning on doing a pocket replacement, leaving the original frame behind the sheetrock intact, be sure to slim down the window to fit.  It is very common to end up with a window that is too big and cannot be used.  If it is a special order window, you may find yourself stuck with it.

Taking weather patterns into account

For the long-term health of your home windows, you need to install replacement windows with an understanding of how your area’s climate will affect the unit over time. If new windows are installed during a dry spell but your area does have plenty of humidity and rain at certain times of year, you need to choose materials and installation methods that will be able to adjust to the anticipated weather. Wood swells in humidity, for instance, and you would need expert installation practices to enjoy a long lifespan for wooden windows in a wet climate.

Windows that won’t close and open easily

If your new windows are installed off-kilter in even the slightest way, you can end up with various issues that result in being unable to open, close, and latch the windows properly. When cracking your window requires superhuman strength or your lock won’t easily toggle, you end up with a nightmare scenario of having to make major adjustments or even re-install the windows. Doing it right the first time is essential, so all but the most experienced amateurs need help from professional window contractors to make sure everything works just right.

Leaks that lead to energy loss

You can break the bank for the most energy-efficient, triple-glazed windows with all the backing of environmental and consumer protection agencies out there, but if you leave behind leaks when installing replacement windows you undo all those benefits. Remember, a costly leak doesn’t have to be a gaping hole where you can see daylight and feel a draft. The unseen crevices can add up to a lot of heating and air conditioning loss over time. Leaks also let in street noise, allergens, insects, and anything else you’d prefer to keep out.  Worse yet, water may be getting in between the walls, causing unseen damage and mold.

Cutting corners and paying for it in the end

Some people try to save money on cheaper materials while others try to save money by doing more of the work on their own than they should. The bottom line is that you’ll spend far less money in the long run if you get the appropriate materials and have them installed by an expert who takes pride in the work. You can’t let price tags and appearances be the sole determinants of your home windows. You also need to respect the fact that replacement window installation comes with difficulties that not everyone is equipped to handle. If you’re not completely comfortable with major home projects, you probably need to leave your new windows to the pros.